FIN's first ever event, a panel discussion on finances and investing - in partnership with Stanhope Capital


The first Female Investor Network (FIN) event was held on Wednesday 15th May 2019 and set the ball rolling with our aim of empowering women through better knowledge of the finance and investment world.


We had a panel of three strong, knowledgeable women; Catherine Grum – Head of Family Office Services at KPMG LLG, Alice Ryder – Partner at Stanhope Consulting, and Jemma Jackson – Head of PR at Interactive Investor. They spoke from their personal and professional experience about the routes to investment, the risks, the opportunities and the tax implications.

Women from all different parts of the UK travelled to the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) in London for our inaugural session. They ranged from would-be investors to existing investors and women working in the investment world.

I’d like to thank the panellists, the women that will form our growing FIN network and my co-founder Mary Ann (Hogan, Senior Associate Stanhope Capital), who chaired the panel. My thanks also to Stanhope Capital who generously supported my vision and sponsored this event, and the ICA for doing such a great job in hosting it and providing the canapés.


It has long been my ambition to set up a network like FIN, that would address the lack of women involved in the investment world. My Mum, who has been investing in her own portfolio for over a decade, has often remarked on the lack of women at meetings and financial events and how she sometimes struggled to understand the jargon. Even as an experienced journalist, she was wary of asking questions that might appear too basic or poorly-informed.


Over the years, I became even more aware of the under-representation of women in the world of finance and how it could feel uncomfortable for women to enter this arena either to work or to invest. It seemed wrong to me that women were not being given the extra encouragement and knowledge to help them build the confidence to take up the opportunities that men appeared to be enjoying, and to understand fully what questions they should be asking to get the most out of them.


I decided to do something about it, starting to think of ways to help mum out and tackle some of the doubts she was having. Was it a case of getting more books on the basics of investing? Should I go with her to bolster the numbers and start to learn about investing myself? The more I brainstormed about it, the more it started to dawn on me that if she, was having doubts about her own knowledge and confidence at these meetings and events, then it was likely a lot of other women were too.


Mary Ann and Stanhope Capital listened to my ideas and backed me to set up the first event …and the Female Investment Network was born.


The plan is for us to run quarterly events and for FIN to become a forum where women can meet, discuss the investment world and all its terminology, ask any questions they like (no matter how silly they may think they sound) and gain in confidence to grab the opportunities it presents by the balls.


Please stay tuned for further details of our next event later this year and in the meantime check out our snazzy new LinkedIn network page where you can share articles you have seen or an event that looks interesting.


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All photos for this event were taken my Angela Niel, business card design by Ash Myburgh.

Lizzie Gordon